FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What does “mobile” detailing mean?

It means that we can detail any vehicle on-site from the convenience of your home, office, or commuter parking lot.

What equipment does your van have?

We have a state of the art van with a 90-gallon water tank, power washer, generator, and even our own electric. We come to you with everything that we will need to detail your vehicle!

How often should I have my vehicle detailed?

It depends on your vehicle’s exterior color and the climate that it is being driven in. Darker colors generally need more attention. We recommend that a vehicle be properly and thoroughly cleaned with a complete detail every 4-6 months. Your car should also receive a waxing every 1-2 months. All vehicles should be hand washed approximately 2-3 times a month if possible.

Why should I detail my vehicle?

Detailing is preventative maintenance for the interior and exterior of your new or used vehicle. Over time, daily wear and tear causes breakdown on your vehicle. Regular detailing and washing ensures a beautiful vehicle for years to come. Perhaps the most enjoyable result of a auto detailing is being able to enjoy that new car feel… without the new car price!

Why should I detail my vehicle as I prepare to sell it or return it on lease?

A comprehensive detailing prior to selling your vehicle can increase your chances of a quick sale, at a higher price. If your vehicle is coming off a lease, a mobile auto detail can prevent a large cleaning fee from the car dealership. In turn you can use the extra money to purchase a new vehicle.

How long does detailing take?

It depends on the services involved. A full service wash takes just an hour while a full interior and exterior detailing takes about three hours.

What is the clay bar treatment?

We use clay bar treatment in both our Full Exterior Detail and Complete Detail packages. Clay bars remove contaminants from your vehicle's painted surfaces.  Contaminants can sit on your vehicle’s paint and quickly get embedded in to the vehicle's paint and are not easily removed, even with washing and waxing.  Have you ever felt bumps on your paint after getting a wash or wax?  If so, more than likely your vehicle needs a clay bar treatment. 

Do you offer multi-vehicle discounts or any types of packages?

Yes! We offer discounts for 3 or more vehicles as well as bi-monthly, monthly, and quarterly maintenance packages. Please inquire for more details.

Do you have gift certificates?

Yes! Gift certificates are a great way to show someone that you care about them. Click here to request one.

Is there a fixed price?

We charge a “soft” price unless there is excessive wear and tear on a vehicle that requires additional attention. Manor Auto Spa will inform you of any additional service recommendations before they are rendered.

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